Passionate designer and developer with  over ten years of footwear experience.

Fast sketching, conceptualization skills  and pattern correction expert.

Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carleton university and Master of Product Design from Domus academy in Milan.

Extensive factory development trips. I can turn any hotel room into a product development office in no time.

Technical development of outsoles and lasts is the best part of the process. Being trained in industrial design means I can take advantage of manufacturing processes to push boundaries , always delivering a commercial product.

Always following fashion and trends and looking for new technologies .

Proven performance via a multitude of bestsellers.

I have lived in 7 cities and speak 4 languages. My international background complements my approach to every design brief

My goal is to design products that evoke an emotional connection with the end user. Love the object.

Genuine, shoe obsessed, hardworking and  fun.